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İntragastric Balloon treatment

İntragastric Balloon treatment

intragastric balloon can be placed into the stomach under sedation with the help of an endoscopy. The procedure would take around 8 to 10 minutes.  initially the balloon is inserted with the visual guidance of endoscopy. When the endoscopist decided that the balloon is in the right place the assistant starts to fill in the balloon with Saline plus methylene blue mixture. The mostly used size of balloon volume is between 450 million to 600 ml. According to the type of balloon, sometimes  physician can increase or decrease the volume of the balloon. Some of the balloons stay in the same size. After the initial inflation, you cannot change their size.

During the placement of the balloon, Some newly designed balloons like oballon and elipse balloon don't need to be placed by endoscopic means. They need the utilization of x-ray via fluoroscopy machine instead of endoscopy.

After the placement of intragastric balloon in the first few days patients would feel some discomfort. At the first point, the stomach tries not to accept the presence of a balloon and tries to make the patient vomit it out. to prevent these side effects during first few days doctor would prefer to give some drugs to eliminate spasm and nausea.