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Penis Enlargement and Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement and Enlargement Surgery

Surgery Summary

Anesthesia Type Local Anesthesia - Sedation

Duration of Operation 2 - 3 Hours

Hospital stay 6 - 12 Hours

Return to Work Time 1 - 2 Weeks

Penis Enlargement and Enlargement Surgery

The penis enlargement and thickening operation, one of the most successful operations of the last period, aims to make this part more visible with the intervention to be made on the invisible part of the penis. It is also worth noting that it is a very healthy operation. However, the invisible part can be clearly seen after the operation, both in erect and deflated state. Liposuction support is of great importance for thickening surgery. By integrating the tissue to be taken from the penis, you can have a thicker and remarkable penis.

What is Penis Enlargement?

The methods applied to eliminate the short penis problem are called penis enlargement. As a result of surgical intervention, a growth of 3 to 5 cm occurs. An erect penis is about 5 to 8 cm in size, but this may not be enough for some men and women. A small penis is one of the biggest problems in sexual intercourse. It is possible to intervene in the penis with the penis enlargement operation. The patient does not experience any distress or pain in this anesthesia-supported surgery. Likewise, physician comfort also reaches high levels. With the loosening of the graft bonds of the penis, a certain growth is achieved in the penis.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery? How is it done?

As a result of the work to be performed on the suspensory and superficial ligaments of the penis, elongation is achieved by using the invisible part. The patient will not feel any pain or pain in local and sedation-assisted anesthesia interventions. After penis enlargement surgery, there is no loss of sensation in the penis, but faulty interventions, unfortunately, can include such risks, so it is always useful to seek help from a specialist surgeon. Elongation up to 5 cm can be achieved with penis enlargement surgery. In the thickening surgery, the fat tissue in the penis is removed and injected into the penis, and thus thickening becomes possible.

Who Can Have Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Any man over the age of 18 can have penis enlargement surgery. There is no requirement for patients to perform this surgery. Conditions such as short or thin penis are not sought in patients who will have surgery, and anyone who wants to have this operation will be in a position to be. You can be satisfied with your penis size, but if you want to have a longer and thicker penis, you can also apply to surgeons for this surgery. Penis length and thickness are of great importance in sexual intercourse. It is necessary to remind once again how important this is for the man to keep his self-confidence at high levels and to satisfy his partner. By consulting your surgeons, you can get more detailed information on this subject and learn the operation process in a healthier way.

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