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How is the surgery decided in Peyronie's disease?

How is the surgery decided in Peyronie's disease?

How is the surgery decided in Peyronie's disease?
If the disease has been from the beginning, 1 year has passed, along with the hardness in the penis; If bending, pain, deformity and shortness occur, surgery should be considered.

When is surgery required in Peyronie's disease?
Peyronie's disease is a phenomenon of penis bending due to drama or unknown reason. The event that causes this bending is the calcification and loss of elasticity of the sheaths of the tubes that provide erection in the penis. Since this inflammatory process continues in the first year; It is treated with medication. After a year, if there is an erection problem exceeding 15 degrees, pain occurs and the patient has difficulty in intercourse, it should be operated. These surgeries should be done in experienced hands. Both lengthening and smoothing the penis are essential for success. At the same time, it is necessary not to damage the penis nerves and vessels.

How is surgery performed in Peyronie's disease?
For the operation of Peyronie's disease, the penis is examined first. The direction of the curvature and the length of the penis are revealed. If the penis is long, it is good, if it is small, the stiffness we call plaque if it is less, an easier surgery to remove the curvature with stitches. This surgery takes 20 minutes. The patient is discharged on the same day. If the penis is short and the goodness is high, then repair is made with the tissue to be taken from the skin or mouth of the patient, which we call graft, to both lengthen the penis and correct its curvature. This operation may take 2 hours and the patient is discharged the next day.

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