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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Nowadays, job loss and concerns about late adjustment to social life can sometimes delay the idea of ​​having surgery. Especially in the last 10 years, botox (botulinum toxin) and filling applications have found a wide range of applications, and it has become a process that is done in the afternoon.
In daily life, we often witness speeches such as whether they have botox or a filling. Of course, the most beautiful aesthetics is the aesthetic that does not give a natural appearance. We can come across many unfortunate people with duck lips, cat looks and confused expressions on the screens and streets.

For these reasons, one needs to be very careful. Botox application seems to be a very simple application, but may result in disaster in unqualified hands. Botox is popularly known as snake venom, but this is a false belief. Botox has been used as a muscle relaxant in children with congenital spasticity for many years. With the same thought, a more beautiful aesthetic appearance is obtained by loosening the muscles that cause wrinkles. There is a process of approximately 10-15 minutes and a preparation period of 15-20 minutes with local anesthetic creams. It begins to show its effect in 2-3 days and the maximum effect occurs on the 10th day. For these reasons, I generally re-evaluate my patients 7-10 days after the procedure.

Filling is made with a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is already abundant in our body. But still need to be careful. I think it is useful to learn the brand of the filler or botox used. The filling is also applied to the whole face. Again, as in botox, there is a preparation period with local anesthetic creams. It is possible to notice the change in filling immediately.

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