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Jaw and Facial Bone Repairs

Jaw and Facial Bone Repairs

When fractures occur in the facial bones, fractures are often observed in the nasal bone. And the nose also needs intervention. Rhinoplasty can also be done at the same time. Lower jaw bone (mandible) fractures are common due to impact. It may require orthodontic treatment after treatment.
Fracture treatment with incisions inside or outside the mouth; done with plates and screws; screws may need to be removed after 3-4 years.
In upper jaw fractures, if left untreated, serious deformities and speech disorders occur. Treatment depends on the type of fracture and whether there is a slip in the bone.
Eye and cheekbone fractures are also frequently encountered in facial fractures. They affect each other a lot because they are both interconnected. Especially the eye floor fracture is a serious fracture (blow out fracture). Bone and tissue patches (grafts) or artificial materials (implants) taken from various parts of the body can be used in the treatment of deficiencies in the face and jaw bones. And it usually requires multiple sessions.

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