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Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

In recent years, interest in hip area aesthetics has been increasing. Also called Latin-Brazilian butt; round, plump butt appearance attracts the attention of women. Although it is generally thought of as a breast augmentation (silicone) operation, the use of silicone in the butt may cause more complications.
Post-operative recovery and revision rate are more and more troublesome in butt (gluteal implant) silicone surgeries. The safest butt augmentation and shaping surgery is done with lipofilling injection. Fat taken from the legs or abdomen is enriched with stem cells and applied to the butt with special injectors. Post-operative recovery and recovery time is not long, but if the areas to be removed are insufficient, it may be recommended to gain a few pounds before surgery or silicone prostheses can be used.

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