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Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Significant progress has been made in Hand Surgery compared to previous years; Plastic Surgeons have a great contribution in this progress. The expertise of plastic surgeons in correcting both the appearance and functional disorders plays an important role.
The most common procedures in Hand Surgery; Repairing skin injuries includes damage to nerves, vessels and joints, tendons, and repairing deformed bones. In such cases, grafting (skin transplantation), flap surgery, replantation or transplantation methods are used depending on the damage. In many cases, a considerable amount of sensation and function can be given to the damaged hand, although this may vary depending on the extent of the injury, but recovery can sometimes take months.

Apart from injuries, some cases caused by damage to nerve and vascular structures are also intervened in Hand Surgery.

The most common of these;

Carpal tunnel syndrome: It is the most common condition among nerve compression. Problems occur in hand and finger movements when the structure called the median nerve is squeezed at the level of the wrist.
Trigger finger "stenosing tenosynovitis", as it is called in medical language, is a disorder caused by damage to the tendons that allow the fingers to bend and move in the hand.
Ganglion: It is the most common tumor type in the hand. They are liquid-filled benign cystic structures in gel consistency, which are frequently seen in people between the ages of 20-40.
Dupuytren's Contracture: It occurs with abnormal thickening of the skin that protects the tendon vein and nerve structures under the skin of the palm. It can also extend from the palm to the fingers. This discomfort can also be seen in the soles of the feet and the penis, and may cause nodule formation in the skin and inward bending and numbness in later stages.

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