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Gynecomastia (Breast enlargement in men)

Gynecomastia (Breast enlargement in men)

It is the growth of breasts like a female breast in men due to some hormonal reasons. "Gynecomastia" can be seen at any age. It is a condition seen in 70% of men. The person is socially and psychologically affected, especially in the choice of clothes and in the summer when swimming.
Gynecomastia operations are usually performed by sedation and may consist of adipose tissue or mammary glands. In general, the "liposuction" method is used in gynecomastia operations. This method causes the breast to recover faster and reduce the risk of bleeding. The surgery method may vary depending on the patient's breast tissue and structure. Sometimes large incisions may be required if there is excessive sagging of the skin.

Gynecomastia; It cannot be cured by losing weight, using creams or drugs, or exercising.

The operation is of the type that takes 1-2 hours and usually the patient can go home on the same day. It is necessary to wait 6 months to 1 year for the recovery of the surgical scars and complete results.

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