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Filler method is one of the most frequently used non-surgical aesthetic methods in terms of its application in a short time and it does not require any surgical intervention. After the procedure, the person can easily return to his routine life.
Filling; under custody, the removal of tired and hollow expression, which makes the person look old and tired; It is used in lip thickening, deep scar and acne scars, lines between nose and mouth, laughing lines extending from nose wings to lip edges (Nasolabial lines) and lines on the forehead. Unlike Botox, the filling method does not remove wrinkles but only minimizes deep lines. Its permanence varies from person to person and is between 6 and 12 months.

"Hyaluronic acid", which is also present in the human body, forms the content of the filling material; This structure decreases with age and time and leaves its place to deep lines and dimples.

As in every application, you should have the filler application performed by experienced Plastic Surgeons. The material and experience used is the most important part of the application.

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