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Double Chin Aesthetics

Double Chin Aesthetics

One of the most affected areas under the chin of people due to weight gain and loss is the jowl area; It is more common in women than in men, and this is due to the structure and sensitivity of women. With the effect of gravity and advancing age, the face hangs down. Before jowl aesthetics, neck and face should be evaluated together with the jowl.
How is the jowl destroyed?

The face is one of the most prominent areas that make the person look younger.

"Liposuction" method is the most commonly used method in eliminating jowl. After the operation, bruising and swelling may occur. However, in case of advanced sagging, jowl-neck stretching is performed. In this procedure, excess skin is taken behind the ear. Double chin operations are operations whose results continue for many years, but after the operation, the person not gaining weight and eating healthy increases the permanence of the procedure.

Apart from liposuction and neck lift, applications that do not require surgical procedures such as HIFU may also be beneficial in suitable individuals.

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