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Risks of Treatment

Risks of Treatment

Information about the disease
The shape with the protrusion at the root of the big toe and the protrusion of the big toe.
disorder is called hallux valgus. This disorder, in which genetic factors play a role, especially narrow mold and
shows a rapid progress with wearing high heel shoes. Flatfoot and rheumatoid
It is slightly more common in patients with arthritis (joint inflammation) and progresses more rapidly. The aesthetics of this deformity
Discomfort caused by disrupting the relationship between foot and shoe is as important as appearance.
With the progression of the deformity, the thumb moves under the other fingers and their
may cause malfunction. The first step in treatment is to go to shoe changes and
is to use devices to stop the progress. Despite these measures, especially pain complaints
Surgical treatment is recommended for ongoing patients.
Treatment to be applied
Angular deformities in the comb or finger bones, with incisions made in the bones
correction and fixation of these incisions with plates or screws
Cutting the protruding area at the tip of the comb bone
Loosening the tight and short tendons and joint capsules
Making all the above transactions together
Expected Benefits of Treatment
Correction of finger curvature and protrusion in the joint
Relieving pain, improving the fit between foot and shoes
Making the walk more comfortable
Risks of Treatment
Failure to achieve the expected correction in the curvature
Vascular-nerve injury, temporary numbness in the thumb after surgery
Post-operative pain, difficulty walking
· Infection at the operation site, delayed or nonunion of bone cross-sectional surfaces
Failure to fully meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient after the operation, scarring
Additional Transactions That May Be Required
Using fluoroscopy during surgery and additional x-ray procedures after surgery
If the bone is cut while the deformity is corrected after the operation and if this bone is expected to heal
special, hallux valgus that prevents the operation area from straining while pressing for a period (up to 8 weeks)
shoes must be used.
Other Possible Treatment Options
Follow-up with wide shoes in cases where deformity can be tolerated
Night splints etc. to prevent the progression of deformity. auxiliary devices
use of
Consequences of Postponing Treatment
Increase in swelling and curvature
Painful callus formation
Forefoot mechanics disorder and severe pain
Bursitis formation in the protruding area and related pain
Difficulty walking
Consequences of Refusing Recommended Treatment
Painful life
Difficulty walking
Estimated length of stay in the hospital: 2-3 days

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