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What is tomography PET CT?

What is tomography PET CT?

What is tomography PET CT?

This is a proven imaging technique that shows details of malfunctioning and anatomical structures of organs and tissues. The most important area of use is oncology research.

Heart disease

Nervous system disease (Alzheimer's disease)

The disease information provided by PET / CT is more reliable than the information of many medical examinations because all areas of the human body can be examined three-dimensionally in a single image.

-PET / CT can detect disease early.

-PET / CT correct staging.

-PET / CT helps to choose the right treatment for the disease.

PET / CT indicates disease progression and response to therapy.

-PET / CT can prevent unnecessary surgical and medical treatment.

What kind of cancer is PET CT used in diagnosis?

It is mainly used for early diagnosis of lung cancer.

PET CT can show even when the cancer is 7 mm.

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