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There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes that begins in childhood. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is the type that starts in adulthood, is not dependent on insulin and constitutes 90% of diabetics. Exercise, medication, weight loss and diet are recommended in the treatment of this disease. In most patients, diabetes progresses and more medication is needed and sometimes insulin is switched to. Therefore, diabetes is considered a progressive and chronic disease.

Diabetes Surgery
Diabetes surgeries are used to treat diabetes, known by the public. In fact, all of these surgeries are known as metabolic surgeries. Metabolic surgeries are also obesity surgeries. But the purpose is different. It is called obesity surgery if it is performed for obesity, but metabolic surgery if it is performed for metabolic diseases.

When it comes to diabetes surgery, surgeries other than obesity surgeries should not be considered. The surgeries used are exactly the same. When there is surgery for the patient's sugar, it is called metabolic surgery instead of obesity surgery.

The World Obesity Associations do not recommend metabolic surgery for patients with diabetes (body mass index below 30). In other words, these operations are not recommended for patients who are not overweight and have diabetes. Because there are not enough studies on this and the long-term results are not known.

a) Gastric bypass

b) Stomach band

c) Sleeve gastrectomy (tube stomach)

d) Duodenal switch

There are 4 surgeries accepted as a standard in the world as diabetes surgery or metabolic surgery. These surgeries have been applied in the world for a long time and have long-term results and have proven success.

a) Gastric bypass: It is one of the oldest surgeries. It used to be used frequently, but its use is decreasing. You can review the technical section on our gastric bypass page. It is effective in diabetes and is one of the most used surgeries for diabetes. It provides an improvement in sugar due to both weight loss and decrease in ghrelin hormone and increases in GLP-1 hormone.

b) Stomach band: A silicone band with adjustable stenosis is placed in the stomach band on the upper part of the stomach. Nowadays, its use has decreased a lot. The aim is to restrict eating. It does not make the hormonal change that other surgeries do. The patient improves diabetes due to weight loss over time.

c) Sleeve gastrectomy (tube stomach-stomach reduction): It is the most common obesity and metabolic surgery in the world. You can review the technical section on our tube stomach page. According to some publications, it is as effective as a gastric bypass in treating diabetes. As in gastric bypass, there are changes in the ghrelin hormone GLP-1 hormone.

d) Duodenal Switch: Its usage in the world is less than 1%. It is a very powerful surgery. But because of its high side effects, it is not used unless it is very necessary. It causes serious absorption disorder.

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