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Rectal Manometry

Rectal Manometry

For the numerical values ​​and findings of the functions and pressures of the anal canal muscles, it is important to examine them with sensory and pressure measurements.

In the anorectal manometer, the pressure of the anal canal is measured using a computer with a thin catheter with a small balloon placed inside the anus.
In other words, in order for the intestine to function well, the person to go to the toilet comfortably and to hold the stool comfortably, there should be no disorder or damage to the anus muscles and/or nerves.

The anorectal manometer test measures whether the muscles and nerves in the anal canal are working, whether they are functioning correctly and whether their strength is sufficient.
How Is It Applied?
Special catheters (water perfusion system or balloon pressure transmitters) containing pressure transmitters are placed in the anal canal at 0.5 mm intervals.

In this way, anal canal pressures are examined and recorded by a computer with various conditions and manoeuvres (such as squeezing, straining, coughing).

The sensitivity responses of the rectum to dilation are examined with the help of a balloon that can be inflated with air and attached to the tip of the catheters. The data analyzed with this system provide the functional aspect and differential diagnosis of pelvic floor diseases.


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