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Double balloon enteroscopy

Double balloon enteroscopy

The small intestine is about 5 m long, the initial part of 12 cm (2 digits) is evaluated by gastroscopy and the last part (called terminal ileum) is evaluated as 5 cm by colonoscopy. The large area between the two can only be examined by balloon enteroscopy. Thanks to double-balloon endoscopy, it is similar to other endoscopy procedures in the examination process and can perform an endoscopic follow-up and interventional treatment of the small intestine (such as polypectomy, coagulation, dilatation, biopsy, foreign body removal). If it is not possible to diagnose anaemia, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhoea, nausea and other diseases with standard gastroscopy and colonoscopy, double-balloon enteroscopy should be considered. Unexplained malignancy).

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