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Mitral İngilizce Başlık

Mitral İngilizce Pagename

Mitral İngilizce Pagename

30 Aug 2020


Prof. Dr.


The mitral valve is positioned between the left ventricle of the heart and the auricle and allows the blood to flow to one side for no backflow. When a mishap occurs in the mitral valve, some of the blood moves backwards because it cannot fulfill its power. In general, this disease continues its course without symptoms for a long period of time. When the interior is noticed, the damage to the cover may have reached a moderate or severe degree.

Among the causes of the disease, effective factors such as sagging of the mitral valve towards the left ear, heartburn and heart attack, febrile rheumatic diseases, congenital causes cause damage to the mitral valve.

When the disease begins to show symptoms, complaints such as painful arthritis, rapid fatigue while doing work and shortness of breath, feeling of peace and pain in the region of the shadow may appear.

Known Mistakes in Advanced Mitral Valve Failure

  1. I have no complaints, but I need urgent surgery.
    No , it is decided based on echocardiographic criteria in patients without complaints, and in some cases the operation may be delayed.
  2. I need to have an emergency surgery, otherwise the mitral valve will not have a chance to be repaired.
    No , the rate of mitral valve repair is the same as the next surgery.
  3. Replacement of mitral valve is more advantageous than repair.
    No, the best treatment method is to repair the mitral valve. However, in cases where it cannot be repaired, change is preferred.
  4. There is no problem after mitral valve replacement.,
    No, just as there are problems experienced after every operation, mitral valve replacement also has problems of its own. However, since these problems are less after mitral valve repair, mitral valve repair is always preferred.
  5. Complex mitral valve disease cannot be repaired.
    No, & nbsp; 97% & ndash; 98% repairable.
  6. Every mitral valve disease is 100% repairable.
    No, our success rate in mitral valve repair is 97% & ndash; 98% & rsquo;
  7. The repaired mitral valve will not deteriorate again.
    No, there is a 15% probability of deterioration in 10 interiors.
  8. Even if the mitral valve is repaired, it is necessary to use blood thinners.
    No, the patient does not need to use blood thinners if there is no rhythm disorder.
  9. No mitral valve repair with a minimally invasive method (closed with a ribbed incision).
    No, robotic surgery and endoscopic surgery can be performed using methods.
  10. The success rates of mitral valve repair are the same in each center.
    No, 97% in advanced centers by experienced physicians & ndash; It is performed at high success rates such as 98%.

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